For those that know me...... there just had to be Lego! 

Lego Mosaics

This iconic toy is so tempting to play with! My house is Lego mad and I just couldn't resist in making personal Lego Pictures! The mosaics are a huge talking point for anyone that sees them. I will need several photos to start with as these pictures just do not work sometimes - but I invariably get there eventually!  They are not a cheap present - Lego just doesn't come that way, but they are built to last and be mementos for years.

To make a mosaic is a long process - before framing I have to manipulate photos and then source enough of the correct colour bricks. I then "build" the picture which is time consuming in itself! They will cost approx £160 depending on how much time I have to "fiddle" with the photos and will come in a white wood 12" x 12" custom made frame. 

Lego "Arty" Pictures in Deep Box Frame

Please have a look at the gallery and see the choices on offer - They can all be worded to suit you - I have just come up with a few ideas. There are close ups in the gallery so that you can see the Lego clearly. All come mounted and in a white deep box frame and cost between £15-£28 - ranging from the smaller Lego figures to the larger. 

As I am a bit of a Lego Geek can I confirm that I do not stick or glue Lego - ALL pictures can be opened up and dismantled when you decide it is time for something new!