A little about me and what I do!

Although this website is a new venture for me - Design isn't! For those that do not know me I have been dabbling in it for years! I love to fiddle and can spend hours tweaking until everything is just right! I have a wealth of experience in making a variety of "Arty Items" and have decided to take the bold step of going independent on the WWW rather than continue to make and give away my products as gifts.

Design and Art is very personal - we all like different things! Over the years I have made numerous posters, graphics, silk paintings, Scrapbooks and gifts far too many to mention. Their diversity is huge so this website has been put together to show off a few of my talents. The main theme throughout my collection is the fact that all items can be personalised specifically for an individual. If you have an idea and it is not on show - just ask - I can only say no! 

Design for me is something that can be time consuming as I do not settle for second best, however it is something that I enjoy and yes I love to succeed and fulfil a brief to its maximum! Design is available out there at prime prices but I want to offer reasonable prices to make personalised items affordable for all. 

I have tried to include guideline prices on the individual product pages but the design element is the tricky thing to cost but I have tried to give a rough outline as some pieces of work prove to be more complex than others - but once we have had an initial discussion I will be more able to quote.

POINT TO REMEMBER - This website will only get better and more informative as I grow with it- as said earlier this part is new to me but for now I hope that you can navigate around and get an idea of what I may be able to do for you! Either click on the buttons below or use the Titles at the top of each page to find your way around.