This is the art and technique of arranging type and fonts to make the written word more appealing. The options on this page are more simplified than my Word silhouettes or Wordphotos but can often be more dramatic - it is purely your preference or what would be more appropriate where! 

Paper Cutouts - Dragonfly

These are my latest time consuming project - but they are so worth the effort! I connect several names of your choice in a pattern on cardstock and then they are cut out and framed between two pieces of glass. A background can be added but the beauty of leaving them clear in glass is the fact that they will co-ordinate with any colour scheme (please see pictures below!) and can be moved from room to room if you so choose! I will be making more designs to choose from in the future so do keep looking for updates on this page. My signature dragonfly design below comes at a special price of £28 - for a maximum of three names.  More than three names or different detailing requires more planning and becomes a more intricate task, it also requires a larger 9" x 6 " mount and will be £36. 

NEW DESIGNS ... Monogram Single Letter or Split Surname

This will come in the larger mount of 9"x 6" and will be £36 - any deviations to design will incur a small fee so do ask if you have something specific in mind. Hands up though - as it is early days  I have only made four letter split names - if surname is longer I think it would need to go in a larger frame and would have to look into costings as picture also needs two pieces of glass - the A4 size is certainly the most cost effective - but watch this space as I will go an investigate an amend this long verbal paragraph! 

New Designs ... Heart Filigree

Ideal for lots of occasions - this also comes in mount of 9" x 6 " but please note can only have a few words as the heart does not allow for much maneuverability! These are also £36 

Word Rectangles and Squares

These work well for topics such as lists ie: My Favourite Things, Mum likes, 21 Memories, Families,the options are endless but can easily be made into a large frame or canvas should the list become too long! I will be posting a couple of examples soon so that you can see the basic idea.