Basic info and what I need to know! 

Silhouette WordArt
  • What is the purpose of the picture? This enables me to make suggestions for a silhouette if you do not have something specific in mind.
  • A list of words that need to be included - between 20-30 is ideal, although if you only have a few I can add suitable extras if needed (love, birthday, Bride & Groom etc.) Please make the recipient's name the first item on the list.
  • The more personal the words the better, people like to be surprised that a "special" word or place was included. Please underline a few words that you would like to be bolder in the finished  product - I will send you a couple of low resolution versions via email so that you can make the final choice.
  • I can make silhouettes of most things - but some do take longer than others so the artwork cost will take this into account.
  • A good quality photo provided via email.
  • A list of a maximum of 10 words - WordPhotos just do not work with more so if you need to include them you will have to order one of the WordArt Silhouettes.
Typography Cutouts
  • Simple - just the names for the cut out picture.
Lego Pictures
  • Lego mosaics are tricky and I will need several good portrait photos and can then advise if a mosaic is possible - sadly not all pictures work in small squares!
  • For the Lego Shadow box pictures just let me know what you want the message to say - I have just posted a few ideas to get you thinking.
Family Symbols
  • Please list the character number that you would like on your picture and also name them individually.
  • If you would like these as cut out figures please advise what you would like as a background colour.
  • State any main title and subtitle that you would like. 
Posters and Photo "Tweaking"
  • Provide me with good digital pictures and explain exactly what you had in mind and I will suggest what I can do. 
One Off Specials
  • These are things that I have sourced in smaller quantities and often have limited options as to what "extras" can be added - please see the details on the Limited Items page.

So you now know what you like me to do? or you need more information?

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