I have been asked to undertake numerous of these, hence them appearing as a separate item on my website! They are one of those jobs that people mean to do one day but never get around to it yet it is another time consuming thing that I enjoy doing. Collages can be made into large prints and are a great way to add decor to a special occasion. I have also included Canvas on this page as it is another way of getting a larger print

I have added a very small gallery below to give you some idea of the possibilities but these have always been personal so I cannot show other peoples memories to the world! I have also included a couple of pictures that have been enlarged for canvas. There are various other themes to try as posters and large canvasses allow for so much design - just try me and see if we can come up with something quite unique and special. It is also possible to print onto canvas for all other types of design.

Large poster print made into a jigsaw

Large Canvas - colours to coordinate decor

Poster of family memories -a series of these were made to add personal decor for their party

Canvas made for show - ask to view

Poster made for birthday photoshoot

Large canvas black & white with pop of pink!