I know that WordArt is available on the internet but I create fresh images that are more personal than the rest!  Basic WordArt is not difficult to do and there are programmes out there but to make "original" artwork it takes time and experience and that is what I can offer you. I try not to use standard common silhouettes as this helps to make your finished artwork more specific to the individual. 

If you use my contact page and tell me what you had in mind together we will come up with a suitable image and colour scheme. You then have provide me with a list of words that you would like incorporated into the design. This need not be many as I will repeat them over and over until the design is filled but ideally between 10-25/30 words works best and adds interest to the viewer. The main purpose of these pictures is to make people approach them and discover more than just a picture! When the design or designs are finished I will then send you an email showing  small low resolution pictures so that you can make you final choices. 

Please look at the gallery below to give you an idea of the possibilities - all are changeable should you prefer different colours, fonts , backgrounds and of course different words!

Prices start at £23 for a mounted framed piece of artwork - The price only increases if I have to do additional fiddling to make specified artwork - eg Sometimes making that perfect silhouette is trickier and sometimes when you first get to see your choices you want to add another word or make a particular word stand out or add a symbol etc etc - it is hard to predict. In design and making bespoke pictures, last minute personalised changes can make all the difference to you and my purpose is to provide you with what you really want but this does incur additional time and therefore additional cost.