These modern simple pictures work extremely well in small frames (A5 style) - providing that you are giving to a smaller family! Large families require a bigger frame to gain the same effect! These simple designs are a smaller cost at £12.50 and therefore can be used for a more personal option rather than for example just giving a card. The options are shown below in the graphic - please just specify the symbol numbers that you would like to use and if you would like a title on the image. Please note that the paper cut out and hand printed words entail more work and hence carry a cost of £16. If you would prefer in a larger A4 size then costs would be £18 for plain and £22.50 for the cutout and background version. NB £2 increase on above prices in 2019 as the frames now come with thin acrylic so I have to get glass cut especially to fit. 


Just couldn't do fun little people without having some Lego in there!! Just state Lego man,woman,boy or girl